Caravan, Motorhome, Car & Vehicle Storage Near Cardiff

Secure and Convenient Vehicle Self Storage Solutions Near Cardiff

Discover the benefits of offsite storage solutions for caravans, motorhomes, and cars near Cardiff, including enhanced security measures, competitive rates, and convenient access, provided by the most trusted and reputable storage facilities serving Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

If you want secure, easy access, and trusted vehicle storage near Cardiff, contact us today at 03330344273 or book online here.

Offsite Storage Solutions in Cardiff

We have a secure car, van, caravan, & motorhome storage site in Cardiff, serving the surrounding areas and South Wales. We offer secure and convenient storage solutions for vehicle owners to store their vehicles when not in use. With the increasing demand for offsite storage options in the Cardiff area, our facilities offer a practical solution for individuals seeking to free up space at home, in their business, or to ensure the security of their valuable vehicles.

Our Cardiff self-storage facilities are located conveniently between Cardiff and Newport and offer secure and affordable storage solutions for caravans and motorhomes. Our facility provides 24-hour secure access. By choosing our offsite storage, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is stored in a protected environment with professional security measures in place and at extremely competitive rates.

The growing popularity of our offsite storage options near Cardiff is evident in the increased number of customers utilising our site. As more people recognise the benefits of storing their vehicles in secure facilities, the demand for our offsite storage solutions has risen. As well as being secure, it reduces congestion in your residential area and protects your property, as thieves will not know when you are home or away. 

Our Affordable Self Storage Options

Storage Containers (Ranging from 10 to 20 feet new containers)
Caravan Storage
Motorhome Storage
Trailer Tent Storage
Trailer Storage
Car Storage
Motorbike Storage
Van Storage
Commercial Vehicle Storage

Why would you need Self Storage Near Cardiff?

Moving home or business

If you are downsizing your home or business, moving into a rented home or business until your sale is completed, or you just don’t have the time to sort out your belongings before your moving-in date, then self-storage is a great option for you. It gives you the breathing space to sort out your belongings or stock without having to make drastic decisions about selling or getting rid of them. Self-storage can take the stress out of moving and give you the time you need to sort your belongings out. Book your personal or business storage today.

Creating space in your life

If you are growing out of your home, you have no more space in your garage, your business has become cluttered and unprofessional, or your business has grown out of your current property, then our self storage is an excellent resolution for you. Our storage containers are an excellent way of creating more space in your home or business, with 24-hour access whenever you need anything.

You are going to university or college

If you are moving into student accommodation and need somewhere to store your belongings, then one of our self storage locations is exactly what you are looking for. Your belongings will be easy to access 24/7 and kept dry and with our ventilated containers, you don’t need to worry about dampness and mould. 

You are going abroad or moving temporarily 

Do you need somewhere to store your belongings temporarily while you are travelling? Or perhaps you are moving for a year or so and need somewhere to store your belongings while you are away. Our secure self storage is your answer. We have a range of different size units available for you, and our storage solutions are easier and cheaper than finding another solution while you are away. You won’t find secure storage cheaper than ours.

No space at home to store your caravan, motorhome, car, or trailer?

If you don’t have the space on your driveway at home for your caravan storage, motorhome storage, classic car storage, or trailer storage, then our self storage is a great option for you. We are close to the M4 and just 9 miles from Junction 33, making it easily accessible for
Cardiff, Bridgend, Maesteg, Merthyr, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Swansea, Cowbridge, Newport, and Bristol. Many caravan and motorhome owners store their vehicles at a caravan park, which may have some security measures in place but won’t be as secure as ours. Our storage near Cardiff will protect your vehicle and home from thieves and break-ins as thieves won’t ever know when you are away. 

You don’t feel your vehicle is safe being parked at home

Whether it is your caravan, motorhome, or prized classic car, parking your vehicle at home is nowhere near as secure as it would be in our self storage facility. We have 24-hour monitored CCTV surveillance inside and outside of the premises. We have multi-electric gates that are accessed using a smartphone app with a unique customer code along with number plate recognition, and high-security fencing surrounding the whole site.

There is no space at work to park your commercial vehicle

If you have no space at your workplace or business to park your van, commercial vehicle, or articulated vehicle, then our self storage facility is perfect for you. You can access your vehicle whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It will be safe and secure if you have stock or tools stored in it overnight, and you will be safe in the knowledge that you will never be blocked in due to the well-proportioned vehicle slots and double-width roads. 

Worried about leaving your business stock or tools in your commercial vehicle?

If you have to leave stock or tools in your vehicle overnight and are worried they might get stolen or broken into, then our self storage facility is perfect for you. It will be secure 24 hours a day, and whatever time you need it you can collect it and leave your vehicle in its place while you go out to work. Our vehicle storage starts at just £50 a month and is a safe alternative if you are worried about your vehicle being secured overnight. 

If you aren’t sure if self storage is what you are looking for, check out our FAQ page, contact our friendly team at 03330344273 or send us an email. You can see our STORAGE PRICES here.

What are the Benefits of Offsite Storage Solutions?

When considering offsite storage and self storage solutions near Cardiff, it's useful to understand the benefits that they offer to vehicle owners. In addition to enhanced security measures like security and alarm systems, you will also benefit from unlimited 24/7 access to your stored vehicle. This unlimited access enables owners to collect or store their caravans, motorhomes, or cars at their convenience, without being constrained by specific operating hours.
Our storage facilities provide competitive rates for long-term storage solutions in Cardiff, making offsite storage a cost-effective option if you don’t have the space at home or are looking to protect your vehicle from damage or being stolen. Your Storage Hub is in the Vale of Glamorgan and provides customers with long-term affordability and price stability for their storage needs. By offering competitive rates and discounts, we make secure vehicle storage accessible and appealing to a wide range of customers in the Cardiff area.

In addition to security and affordability, our offsite storage solutions near Cardiff also offer convenience and peace of mind to vehicle owners. The ease of access to major roads like the M4 and A48 from our storage facilities ensures quick and hassle-free transportation to and from the storage sites. This accessibility, coupled with advanced security features like smartphones and number plate recognition systems, enhances the overall storage experience for our customers, providing them with a secure and convenient solution for storing their precious vehicles.

Security Features at Your Storage Hub Storage Facilities

We understand at Your Storage Hub that security is a paramount concern for vehicle owners considering off-site storage solutions near Cardiff, and this is why we have state-of-the-art security systems that will keep your vehicle secure day and night. 

Access to our self-storage facility is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We have incorporated high levels of security in all of our caravan and motorhome storage locations, including; 24-hour monitored CCTV surveillance inside and outside of our storage. We have multi-electric gates that are accessed using a smartphone app with a unique customer code and number plate recognition. A palisade, also known as a defence wall, surrounds the entire site with high vertical standing fencing, making it extremely difficult to climb and scale. 

We have double-width roads all around, meaning you won’t get blocked in. CCTV is installed both inside and outside of the site so we can see who is entering, exiting, or attempting to enter 24/7, 365 days a year. Our storage site is floodlit from dusk to dawn, providing safety for your vehicles being stored and yourself if you are dropping off or collecting in the dark. 

Our site is CaSSOA Platinum Accredited, which is the highest level of security a site can achieve.    

CaSSOA bases its four security tiers on several features, such as perimeter fencing, entry points, CCTV, and alarm systems. You can be sure that your motorhome, caravan, or car will be kept safe and secure when you use a storage site that has been registered with CaSSOA.

Your Storage Hub priority is to offer a secure, cost-effective, professional, and welcoming service to our local community. Our top priority is our customers, and we will do everything in our power to meet their needs. 

What is the Self-Storage Association (SSA)?

The Self Storage Association (SSA UK) was founded in 1995 and is the main trade organisation in the UK that represents the interests of industry supplier members as well as self-storage operators.

The association aims to support industry best practices and expedite the expansion of one of the UK's fastest-growing alternative asset-based sectors. 
With over 500 members who are storage operators and suppliers to the industry.

The Self-Storage Association's Vision & Mission
Our vision is to ensure a sustainable and self-regulated self-storage industry in the UK.

  • Set the standard for the industry
  • Promote the self-storage industry in the UK
  • Provide industry-specific research
  • Provide a lobbying forum to promote industry interests with statutory bodies
  • Provide a forum for discussion and debate between members through a network of events, including the annual conference and regional meetings.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of self-storage and promote best practices within the industry

How do you choose the Best Storage Facility for your Caravan, motorhome, or Car?

  • State-of-the-art 24/7 monitored security systems with CCTV surveillance inside and outside of the storage facility 24/7 are a must
  • Dusk-to-dawn flood lighting
  • The constant monitoring from CCTV cameras and well-lit premises deters potential intruders and guarantees round-the-clock surveillance of the storage areas. 
  • 24/7, 365 days a year, access
  • Electric entrance gates accessed through a smartphone app or code system
  • Multi gate access
  • Number plate recognition
  • A palisade, high vertical fencing or wall 
  • Double-width roads all around so you will never be blocked in
  • A focus on customers with a high level of professionalism and excellent service provided
  • A friendly team of helpful and patient staff who offer proactive service
  • Easy and accessible booking system
  • Different payment options
  • Competitive and cost-effective storage solutions
  • Self Storage Association accredited
  • CaSSOA Platinum Accredited, which is the highest level of security a storage site can achieve

The location of the storage you choose is key; you should always think about whether it is close to home or on your usual routes.

Pricing Options and Transparency

Understanding the pricing options for storing a caravan, motorhome, car, or vehicle near Cardiff is essential for a vehicle owner looking for suitable storage solutions. Storage providers should ensure transparency by offering detailed pricing structures based on the size of the vehicle and specific storage requirements. A transparent pricing approach enables potential customers to make informed decisions and select storage options that align with their budgets and preferences.

At Your Storage Hub, we are 100 per cent transparent with our pricing, and you can see how much it will cost you to store your vehicle here. You aren’t charged anything until your move-in day, and you can cancel anytime before this for free. We charge monthly for our storage and offer many different payment types.

By offering competitive rates and discounts, we attract a wide range of customers and provide them with cost-effective storage solutions in the Cardiff area, and they stay with us for the long term.

Location and Accessibility of Our Storage Sites

Deciding on the location of your vehicle storage facilities plays a crucial role in providing convenient access for you as our customer and vehicle owner. Our storage sites are strategically positioned to offer easy access to major roads like the M4 and A48, ensuring that customers can reach our facilities easily. We are located on Hayes Road with easy access to the M4, serving areas like Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport, and Bristol, and our strategic position enables customers to transport their vehicles to and from the storage site efficiently.
The implementation of our advanced security technology, including our multi-gate access systems with smartphone and number plate recognition, has enhanced the accessibility and security of storage facilities near Cardiff. By utilising these technologies, we have streamlined the entry and exit processes for our customers, ensuring a seamless experience when storing or retrieving their vehicles. The multi-gate access system acts as an additional security measure, restricting unauthorised entry and safeguarding the vehicles stored within our facility.

By prioritising the accessibility and security of our storage facilities near Cardiff, we provide customers with a reliable, trusted, and efficient solution for storing their vehicles.

Vehicle Storage Near Cardiff - Your Storage Hub
Vehicle Storage Near Cardiff - Your Storage Hub

Customer Satisfaction and Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is a key part of everything we do at Your Storage Hub, and the positive reviews and testimonials we receive from our clients highlight the ease of access, extensive security measures we have in place, and affordability of our storage solutions. 
Positive testimonials emphasise the excellent customer service provided by Your Storage Hub in the Cardiff area. Our team is responsive and offers helpful assistance to our customers when they need it, and this is reflected in the positive reviews we receive. 

Our extensive security, location, site set-up, transparency in pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction contribute to a positive reputation for storage facilities in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. We aim to build trust and loyalty amongst our customers through a high level of customer service and our positive reviews and testimonials, so new and potential customers can gain insight into the quality of service and security measures offered by us.

Booking Process and Inquiries

The booking process for our storage units near Cardiff is designed to be easy, user-friendly, and efficient. We offer an online booking system on our website for our storage containers and our caravan, motorhome, boat, and car storage, allowing our customers to easily reserve their storage with just a few clicks. We provide an intuitive online platform where you can select the desired storage unit size, check availability, and complete the booking and payment process easily. No payment is required until your first day of storage, and you can cancel at any time before that. We offer different payment options, and we charge every month for our storage.

If you have any questions about us, you can see our FAQs here, and if you cannot find the answer you need, simply give us a call at 03330344273 or email us.

Our user-friendly booking processes and the comprehensive information we provide on our website aim to make finding and booking your storage in Cardiff simple and easy for you. the customer experience and ensure a hassle-free storage solution for vehicle owners.
Book Your Storage In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Choose the type and size of storage you need (this can be increased or decreased at any time if available)
  2. Choose your start date (this can be weeks or months in advance or the next day if we have availability)
  3. Fill in your details and set up your payment

You can cancel with no charges anytime up to 24 hours before your storage start date.

Comparison with Other Storage Options

When comparing offsite storage solutions for caravans, motorhomes, and cars in Cardiff, it's essential to understand the different services and amenities offered by competing storage providers. By evaluating the range of options available, you can make an informed decision about where to store your vehicle near Cardiff. 

Our Secure Storage Containers

Our modern security systems enable you to access your self-storage container, caravan, motorhome, or car around the clock, ensuring their safety and security throughout the year. When visiting us after hours, you will feel secure because our site is equipped with multiple gates, complete perimeter fencing, CCTV throughout, and dusk until dawn lighting. Our double-width roads mean you will never get blocked in. 

Our brand-new storage containers have an 8-fold increase in airflow thanks to the patented XL Vent system, meaning your belongings are not at risk of mould or dampness. In addition, the containers have 100% watertightness, giving protection against the elements, marine-grade plywood flooring, and multiple lock points. We hold both CaSSOA Platinum Accreditation and SSA (Self Storage Association) Accreditation. 

Our self-storage facility and storage containers are situated on Hayes Road, near Penarth, Barry. It is conveniently accessible to the M4 (9 miles from Junction 33). As a result, we can provide our services to both the local communities in the Vale of Glamorgan and other nearby areas, including Cardiff, Bridgend, Maesteg, Merthyr, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Swansea, Cowbridge, Newport, and Bristol.

Secure Caravan, Motorhome, Boat and Car Storage in Cardiff Summary
Our storage facilities in Cardiff and our team will give you peace of mind that your belongings, caravan, motorhome, or car are in a secure location with extensive security measures in place to protect them, and you will be in safe hands. 

Our new storage facilities are clean and extremely well managed by our team, and customers are at the heart of our business. 

Opting for our offsite storage solutions in Cardiff means you can enjoy unlimited access to your belongings or vehicles at a highly secure site, competitive storage rates, and free up space at home or in your business.
Why not safeguard your assets and enjoy the flexibility and convenience offered by our off-site storage and self-storage facilities? 

Explore our secure storage solutions for your belongings or vehicles, and protect your valuable assets by enjoying a reliable storage experience near Cardiff.

We are Self Storage Association-accredited, and our CaSSOA Platinum Accreditation signifies the highest security measures and service quality in the sector. This accreditation provides our customers with confidence in the security and reliability of our storage facilities, underscoring our commitment to security and quality self-storage services.

Choose your perfect solution with us that aligns with your preferences; whether you value security, convenience, or cost, we cover them all. 

Contact our friendly team today to find out more at 03330344273, and experience our attentive and excellent service that is second to none. You can get an INSTANT QUOTE here and book your bespoke, secure storage space at our comprehensive storage facility today.