Is there a minimum rental period?

For our caravan and motorhome storage the minimum rental period is 12 months. The minimum rental period for our self storage containers is 1 month. 

How do I know if you have availability?
This information should be available on our online booking system. Here you will find all information pertaining to our self storage containers and caravan, motorhome and vehicle sites. Please also feel free to give us a call or send us an email and our professionally trained staff will be happy to help you. Call us; 03330344273 or email us: info@yourstoragehub.co.uk

How often can I access my Storage Storage Container / Caravan / Motorhome?
Our site is open 24/7, 365 days a year so you can access your Container / Caravan / Motorhome whenever you like.

Can I access my self storage unit from the Caravan / Motorhome site?
No, each of our sites are fully fenced around the perimeter and have separate electric access gates for increased security.

Can anyone else access my unit?
No. Only customers have access to their padlock and keys.

What cannot be stored?
- Illegal and Stolen Goods
- Bottled Gas
- Dangerous Items 
- Live Animals and Plants 
- Food Items 
- Flammable Goods / Items 
- Tyres 
- Perishables 
- Toxic Goods 
- Environmentally Hazardous Items / Goods / Substances

How can I pay for my storage container / parking bay?
We accept Bank Transfers, Direct Debit and Cash payments.

Does my caravan / motorhome have to be insured?
Yes, a copy of your insurance certificate is required on sign up and annually thereafter.

Are the containers clean, dry and free from pests?
All of our units incorporate the XL Vent System (8 x more condensation busting air flow). Helping to keep your stored belongings damp and mould free. 

We undertake regular pest control measures in order to maintain as much of a pest free environment as possible.

What is the notice period?
For our containers we require 7 days notice. 

For our Caravan and Motorhome parking bays we require 31 days notice (once the initial 12 month contract has ended).

Are my possessions insured in the storage containers?
We always recommend that you insure your possessions. You can source this yourself or we have insurers who we can recommend. Please get in touch for further details.

For your safety
- All containers and parking bays are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  
- Access will only be granted to both sites via a an individual member code on your smartphone which is allocated on signing up / removed on leaving. (No Ke system) 
- We have palisade fencing to the full perimeter of the site. 
- Dusk till dawn lighting system with motion sensors. 
- 5m electric access gate to the container area. 
- Double air lock gate system for access and egress to the caravan / motorhome parking bays. 
- Our office is manned during office hours. 
- We have random sniffer dog visits for everyone's protection.